Nagoya Castle (Nagoya City)

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Nagoya Castle
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Dai Tensyu of Nagoya Caste
(Photo : Kaneyoshi Urabe)
In 1612, feudal lords all over the country, built Nagoya castle by the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the supreme ruler in practice. It is larger than any other castles in Japan. From here Owari family ruled Nagoya region through 250 years (Owari family is one of the important sons of Ieyasu). After the samurai left the political stage, many buildings had stood even in time of modernization. However, castle burnt down under the Pacific War, so Tensyu, the main tower, and other parts of castle were rebuilt later.
Nagoya has played a role as central city in Japan as well as capital in its region, since castle was built.

Sei-Nan Sumi Yagura@(Sei-Nan means South West.)
This building was built in about 200 years ago.
(Photo:Kaneyoshi Urabe)

(Photo:Kaneyoshi Urabe)

Syo Tensyu (Left) and Dai Tensyu (Right)
Tensyu is the most important Building of Japanese Castle.
(Photo:Kaneyoshi Urabe)